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The Billing System manages requests, authorization and invoicing of services and products from beginning to end.

  • Supplier Management. Suppliers can register online, capturing: supplier details, business particulars, products and services offered, BEE Details, Management Details, BEE Spenditure, Social Responsibility, Criteria Checklist, Bank Details, Business Certificates, and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions. The registration then undergoes a supplier acceptance process.
  • Budgeting. Departments can submit budgets for approval during the budget period, and the billing is checked against the specific budgets.
  • Asset Management. All assets can be recorded in the asset maintenance modules, including the printing of bar code in various formats to attach to the assets.
  • Catalogue Orders Uploading catalogue price lists into the cataloguing system will enable the Billing System to select items from a catalogue which has pre-defined prices. The order from the catalogue is then linked into the Billing System for authorization. After authorization the supplier is informed via both PDF PO and XML data.
  • Contract Management.  Uploading and defining contracts and SLAs is performed in the contract management module. Monthly payments are automatically loaded into the procurement system for the duration of the contract. Yearly payments have to be released from the contract management system after the administrators have been timely notified. All contract renewals have notification settings. Supplier performance is recorded and monitored.

Reports are tailored to the client’s requirements.

Many different reports are already available, and using the replication engine, holistic overview reports can be generated in Pdf or Excel format.