Online Payroll and HR - online rental per month.


The Payroll system works online, with a secure login. The system is fully secure and protected from hacking and accessing without authorisation. With a user-friendly interface all payroll tasks can be completed quickly and accurately. The system is ideal for small to medium businesses who do not foresee buying their own payroll system.


  • Secure Login
  • Work by division and department
  • Viewing previous monthly data for the entire financial year
  • Automatic calculation of Tax, SDL, UIF and other deductions such as fringe benefits etc
  • Inclusion of allowances and deductions as well as pensions
  • Inclusion of non taxable reimbursements
  • Inclusion of staff loan repayments
  • Leave payouts
  • Commission
  • Bonuses

The system is continuously updated with new features that are being added on a regular basis.

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The HR Centre provides a comprehensive payroll system to companies. The online payroll system is a payroll program providing automatic payroll calculations through a payroll database.