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The Employee Records can be accessed online, with a secure login. The system is fully secure and protected from hacking and accessing without authorisation. With a user-friendly interface, all employee records can be entered accurately and stored for view by users granted access in your company, wherever they are in the world. The system is ideal for businesses that do not have the ability to store documentation in a safe area, and perfectly suited for small to medium business management.


  • Secure Login
  • Enter employees by division, department
  • Assign a head of department to each employee
  • Storage of personal information of employees
  • Employment Records
  • Incident Reports and conclusions
  • Recording of warnings

The system is able to keep a perfect track record of the employee’s history with the company, from the date of employment up to termination of employment. Each incident and event are recorded for management to look at should it be needed.

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The HR Centre provides a comprehensive Employee Management system, complete with employee records and an employee database.